Season 2019/2020


Ringwood CC is fielding: 

U12 boys

U14 boys 

U15 girls 

U16 boys

U18 boys 


Players receive a free cap and shirt as part of registration! 

Email President Jason Henry below for more details on how to have fun, meet new friends and have access to quality accredited coaches. 

Club Goals / Policy

At Ringwood Junior Cricket Club, we expect you to:

  1. Enjoy your cricket.
  2. Listen to Coaches and Team Managers.
  3. Treat everyone in your team equally.
  4. Show respect to your opposition to gain respect from them.
  5. Respect the Club’s equipment and facilities at training and on game day.
  6. Accept all umpires decisions.
  7. Behave sensibly at training so everyone can enjoy their cricket.
  8. Never use bad language at any time.
  9. Be on time for training and on game day.
  10. Stick together as a team at all times.

Roles at Ringwood Junior Cricket Club

Committee – Positions are open to all club members and supporters. Committee members are appointed to administrate the club on a day to day basis as well as plan the future direction and development of the club. Any disputes will be taken to the committee for resolution.

Coaches - Coaching will emphasise the use of correct techniques which are age and ability appropriate while maintaining individual flair.  Players will be educated on the importance of playing within the laws of cricket and the “Spirit of Cricket”.  Team selections and player participation will be a balance between competition and the overall development of players. Coaches will make every effort to recognise effort and commitment.

Players –   Players are to be inclusive and supportive of each other, working together on and off the field.  Players are to use training sessions to practice and improve their skills and develop a team culture in preparation for competitive games.

Parents – Parents are encouraged to support their children by volunteering their time to help spread the work load on match days to create an enjoyable environment for players and supporters alike. Committee members and coaches are always available to assist you if you want to know how you can help. Remember that children are involved for their enjoyment and the focus is on effort and performance rather than winning and losing.  Respect the decisions of officials and teach children to do likewise.

Junior Committee

Junior Co-ordinator: Jason Henry 0430 366 444 
Treasurer: Garry Johnson 0408 303 585

Match Day Coordinator:  

Secretary: Alison Mays0457 789 880  
Social Media: